Withdrawal from Paxil

I am not stopping my medication.

My prescription is over. Inexistent. “Kaput”, we say (yes, from the German word, but the meaning has changed). No more prescription for me…for now.

It’s not that I’m supposed to stop taking Paxil, it’s just that I can’t contact my psychiatrist. I have called several times over the past three weeks. I got a reply by a human being about three times. I have left a message on the answering machine. Not once, but twice. I clearly stated my name, my phone number and my request (i.e. to take an appointment with psychiatrist Mary Smith—fictive name, duh!).

The two or three times I could speak with the secretary, I could never be put in contact with the psychiatrist herself. I left a message at least once, giving the same information as on my message on the answering machine. I called again this morning and, when I asked if it was possible to speak with the psychiatrist directly, I was told she was in an “entrevue” (that would be an appointment).

I haven’t taken my medication for three days. I’m not sure what the emotional impact is, but I can certainly feel how it goes physically. I feel weird. I can’t find words to describe that particular feeling, it’s unique to when I’m out of medication. It’s not pain, it’s some sort of “waves” of weirdness that go through my body once in a while.

Then, after a longer period has passed (i.e. after two or three days), the sleepiness takes over. I will sleep on and on and will be unable to stay awoke for long period of times (i.e. a few hours).

Today, thus, was the sleepy day. I have never been more than three days out of medication and, happily, that will not be the case now. I went to the drugstore and explained my situation, and they gave me 15 pills without any further questions. Naturally, I must still get in contact with my psychiatrist. I won’t be able to do that all the time, else anyone could just get medication whenever they feel like it.

Eric said that if I mention clearly to the secretary that I need a renewal of my anti-depressants prescription, I should be able to at least get in touch with the doctor directly to at least get a renewal, even if I don’t get an appointment before some time. That sort of things must be doable on the phone or something for her (I remember my physician did that).

So, well, that explains the lack of a geeky post today. I got up around 9am, but after two or three hours I was back in bed and slept throughout the whole afternoon. I was quite disappointed because I would have loved to attend my group therapy. Now that I have my medication, though, things should go fine and I should be able to add some shiny new content soon.


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