BBC and other ramblings

I had always thought that “BBC” stood for British Broadcasting Company or Channel or Corporation. I was very wrong, indeed. It stands for “Bonne bouffe créole”. Some of my favorite TV shows are produced by a small restaurant somewhere in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.*

My first two days at work went well. I get some sort of downtime around 2pm, lasting up to an hour. I start feeling a bit weird and have a hard time concentrating. I’m not sure what’s the cause, but I assume that lack of sleep combined with several hours on the computer doesn’t help.

I have made my morning routine. I get up and start by eating breakfast. I then take a shower and proceed to cleaning the fan in the bathroom. Yes, every morning. I take a Q-Tip and get dust away. It does delay me, I was late by half an hour for that and because I had a hard time getting out of bed.

I do that, at times, starting to clean something and being unable to stop. I lose control. Most people must wonder how you can lose control while cleaning something…It’s very simple. You wash. And wash. And wash. In my case, I remove dust. And more dust. And even more. I search every little corner of the fan for more dust to remove. If I had less self-control, I could spend quite a lot of time there. It’s not good, not only because cleaning a fan for an hour isn’t particularly useful or entertaining, but also because of the position I find myself in. I must climb up on the counter and, since it’s the small bathroom downstairs, there isn’t much of a counter at all! I am kneeling, something my knees detest, and I can feel the tension and pain in my neck as I must look up to do the cleaning.

I went to work on foot and came back the same way. It’s a good walk, about half an hour, as I probably said yesterday. It does some good, particularly since I’m working on a computer all day long.

I’m working again tomorrow, for my last day of the week, and I’m looking forward to it as I will get to do something else than computing. I have some meeting with another guy in charge of the website. I’m very curious about what type of guy. Sentences like “ew, another useless table” and “that should be a level-1 header, not a bloody span inside a table!” keep coming to my mind as I work on the site.

I thought it was done by hand or something, but they are using an open-source CMS, so pages are edited online. I don’t particularly like it. It can be a bit slow and it loves putting tables everywhere.

I’ve rambled a lot about work, but it’s all I have on my mind during the day and, in the evening, I’m too tired to come up with anything interesting. I should be updating the site soon. I have several articles and other texts sitting on my computer and on my old site, just waiting to be revised and published here.

* Naturally this is not a fact, I just noticed that they were clearly using the abbreviation “BBC”.


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