First Day of Work

This morning, at 7:15 am, my alarm clock rang-or rather, the radio started, because I can’t stand the actual alarm. It was quite early for my taste. My inner clock was on a “day shift”, but it’s till bloody early.

In spite of my tiredness, I was still happy to go to work. It’s with a smile on my face that I went out in the morning sun an hour later, heading for the nearest subway station. It’s even with a smile on my face that I walked on the sidewalk, on the path that is barely wide enough for one person, from the station to my work place. I still haven’t gotten those winter boots, so I was in sneakers. You should know the first law of physics: sneakers in snow = snow in sneakers.

My first task this morning was to add links to some articles on a site similar to Digg. Now I’m updating their actual website. I’m having great difficulty concentrating. I’m unable to do the same thing for so many hours in a row…At the last job I had, every day was interrupted by flash games.

I must summarize texts. I scan them (with my eyes, not with a scanner) and try to make sense out of them, try to find a good summary…and it fails. I’m in need of some Pepsi, hugs and rest. Still 3 hours to go before the end of the day…I am so going to dream about these texts…



  1. Tracy Said:

    Heh, I also don’t like the alarm clock so every morning at 7am my radio starts as well :).

    I hope your first day was ok.

  2. Kaylee Said:

    Being a teenager, I often go out in snow with shoes instead of boots. I’ve gotten used to wet socks.

    It’s hard to do the same thing for so many hours in a row. Now that I think about it, I wonder how other people manage =/

    *hugs* I hope work gets better!

  3. Holly Said:

    *hates making summaries* :/

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