Take That, Seal Guardians!

I spent over an hour over the course of a few days trying over and over again to defeat the Final Fantasy V Seal Guardian bosses.

The official walkthrough (you know, the one printed on paper) gives as a tip to make your four party members into Summoners and summon Titan, which will damage all but one of the four bosses. They should die in one turn (after all of characters have casted the spell, of course). They also recommended, among others, the $toss ability of the Samurai.

I decided to give it a try, with Summoners and one Samurai. However, after my Samurai had thrown away some spare change, dealing over 5000 damage to all bosses (I’m rich), the four of them immediately proceeded to attacking me one after the other with their strongest attack. My characters could survive for a short amount of time, and summon Titan a bit, but his attack was far too weak to defeat the bosses before they killed off all of my characters, except for the Samurai, who was then left alone to be killed by the four bosses shortly afterwards.

I tried again and again, with the Summoners like a good walkthrough-dependant girl. Then I made the maths. Every boss has 7700 HP. A single $toss deals 5000+ damage. Why would I limit myself to ONE Samurai?

So, basically, here’s the deal. You’ll need lots of money, so that you don’t run out of it. You need to be at a good level, too, over 25. Then just whack away at the bosses with $toss until they all are dead. Personally, I needed only two characters to attack before they all were history (they all die at the same time, since they all receive the same amount of damage).


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