A Failed Challenge

Remember my movie challenge? Well, the month of February turned out to be quite a failure there. It appears that choosing specific movies was a rather bad idea.

I watched only two of the movies listed, plus a few more.

  • 2010: The Year We Made Contact: a good sequel, less cryptic than the original. It leaves unanswered questions, but there is nothing frustrating in it.
  • Cutie Honey by Hideaki Anno: a very good movie, quite entertaining and not too “heavy”.
  • The Dark Crystal by Jim Henson and Frank Oz: an excellent movie, with great usage of puppets.
  • Ghostbusters by Ivan Reitman: very funny, as expected. Some memorable quotes and moments. I’m in love with Bill Murray (and the giant marshmallow, of course).
  • Rob-B-Hood by Benny Chan: while there were some painfully boring melodramatic moments and montages, the movie still had some stunning fights and great comedic moments.
  • Zoolander by Ben Stiller: I had no particular expectations regarding this movie, and watched it with someone else, sort of “on the spur of the moment”. It was a good choice, a funny movie with some great moments. I like a movie that can laugh at itself.

And I’m pretty sure that’s it. That makes up fewer movies than I hoped to watch, but various events have been hitting me across the face and I did not always have the occasion of watching a movie. I hope to “do better” in March. As I said, a pre-made list is a bad idea, but I know I can very well watch more than 5 movies in a month without a problem.


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