Ze World is Weerd

People are doing strange things. At least, my cat is true to herself and her kind. She threw up at the door of my bedroom and in the bathroom. The latter included an elastic. I don’t remember making elastics a part of her diet.

My mother is gone, she left this morning. Woah, I’m getting days all confused because my schedule is confused…Anyway, her visit was not all bad, as my post-before-the-previous-one could make it out to be. She isn’t a bad person at all, it’s just that she doesn’t “avoir le tour”, as we say in French. She is not Julie-compatible and that’s not a good thing for accessibility and to make happy visitors (well, happy owners since she was the visitor in that case!).

She called the government to arrange for my medication insurance. They give a refund for all medication bought in the past three months. I received 98,69$ cash! 😀 I went to get it this afternoon at the drugstore. When the woman was done giving it to me, she said “thanks”. I was like, “What? Thanks? But YOU are the one who just gave me 98,69$! I’m the one who says THAAAAAAANKKKKKKKKKKSSSS!11!11!11!11!ONE”

I also sent in a subscription form to a college. I also sent an email to get an appointment with another potential school, but I still haven’t received a reply. 😦

I had my group therapy today. It went quite well. They finally gave me some documents I have been wanting for months. I meant to ask eventually, but, well, it’s me, so I kept putting it off. I was actually offered them today, by one of the therapist, and I was quite glad. I didn’t admit to having wanted them for so long.

They are documents to help deal with relationships. The top of the document says that it is especially for people with Borderline Personality Disorder. I have good reasons to believe I might have it, or something similar, but I have never gotten around to talking to my psychiatrist about it. Sometimes, anyway, you can only have one diagnosis or the other, as some are not “compatible”. For example, you cannot be schizophrenic if most of the symptoms are due to drugs. I don’t know if you can be both Borderline and Asperger.

Speaking of psychiatrist, I must get an appointment with her. I have fewer than 15 days left before I run out of medication. I can probably get a few more if I go to the drugstore and insist nicely, but not a lot. I just hope she hasn’t taken a vacation that just happens to be during that period. My therapist (the one I see alone) and one of the group therapists both are taking vacation now or in the next weeks, so I guess we’re during some sort of vacation spree at the hospital.


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