Things To Buy

While there are plenty of things I wish I could own, not all of them are really “necessary”, in the sense that my mother means it. I’m going to make a list of some of the things I must buy once I get my first pay check (some need to be bought before, actually).

  • A pair of winter boots. They must be comfortable enough to walk about half an hour to work and the same on the way back. I also can take longer walks. They must be warm. They must be good both for going to work, where I want to appear “clean” and for some outdoor time. I want them to be black and have no heels. If not black, then brown or blue. White winter boots need to be shoved up their maker’s ass.
  • A pair of black pants. Nothing too fancy here, just a nice pair of pants that I can wear to work, but that I wouldn’t feel guilty for wearing at home because they aren’t extra-expensive and fragile.
  • A pair of beige pants. Pretty much the same as the above.
  • A pair of jeans. I have one already, but I love wearing jeans, so having an extra pair wouldn’t be too much, I believe. This one will wait for the other two pairs, though.
  • Some nice shirts. Again, I would wear them to work, but they must be of good quality so that I can wear them casually. Besides, my job doesn’t have a specific dress code, so they just need to be to my taste, not to be bought at Mexx or something.
  • Several pairs of socks. It is a celebration whenever I manage to find two socks that belong together, even more so if both are unbroken. I want some plain black pairs and a couple of “fancy” pairs, with kittens and the like. Oh, speaking of socks, I realized the other day that I actually do have both my giraffe socks! Yay!
  • Underwear/panties. I don’t have many left, and some are falling to pieces. I need nice panties in case I get laid get hit by a bus.
  • Bras. I haven’t gained an inch in over 8 years, but my breasts certainly grew bigger since I last bought bras. I’m tired of the four-boobs syndrome.
  • Knives. We have a serious lack of knives here.
  • Glasses. Same as the above.
  • A lamp for the living room. If we wish to light up the living room, we need to either a) turn on the light in the kitchen, which isn’t very efficient as it only lights around the TV or b) turn on the light in the corridor. There are three light bulbs downstairs and once again, they don’t light up the living room all that well. Turning on this light also turns on the one in the corridor upstairs.

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  1. Tracy Said:

    I need new socks too – necessarily! So many of mine have holes 😦

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