Unwanted Visit

Everyone gets an unwanted visitor once in a while. For some, it’s the huissier, for others it’s a Jehovah witness with his Bible. For me, it’s my mother.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have big arguments with my mother, she never molested me, she never left me starving in the streets. We just aren’t compatible.

She was brought up by a very catholic man (that would be my grandfather, of course) and, while her views might be slightly more liberal than his, she remains a very religious person. That is already quite enough to make me uneasy. I have no wish to hear her babble about God, Jesus and angels.

She puts a lot of pressure on my shoulders. I know that her intents are not bad. She wishes me to get a job and go to school, both of which are quite normal things for the mother of a 19-year-old girl. The thing is, I can’t handle pressure coming from her. I tend to slip away and avoid everything she asks of me. I’m such a rebellious little girl.

Then, of course, comes the problem of schedule. As a good brought-up-on-a-farm woman, and also as a school principal (and previous school teacher), she always gets up early and goes to bed early. If anyone has taken the time to watch my schedule a bit of late, you will have noticed that I am up at night and sleep during the day. Therefore, not only is it a bit hard for us to find a time where we both are awoken, I cannot do things I usually do, such as playing Final Fantasy V around 1-3 a.m., because she sleeps on the couch, the only place available.

I won’t make her sleep in my bed because 1) we don’t sleep at the same time, 2) I’m a computer addict and my computer is in my bedroom, so I couldn’t use it if she were sleeping and vice-versa and 3) it’s my bed. I hate having company (beside cats and non-relatives).

She’s leaving Thursday. She could have left tomorrow, but I doubt she will, with all the snow that is falling right now.


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