Lots to do

Things have been quite hectic here of late. I will not post any details here because, well, this is a public blog anyone could read. Some of you should know where to find me 😉

Let’s just say that I’m in need of a place to live—and preferably a roommate—for next year. I don’t believe I’ll keep my current apartment. I would need two roommates, because there’s no way I would pay the rent on my own, or just divided into two people. I don’t think I would be able to find two roommates that quickly.

I have several things to sort out: medication insurance, appointments to take, etc. I feel overloaded again. My poor kitty will surely feel lost when we move out. She’s scared of everything, it will be quite a shock to be in a whole new place with entirely new smells.



  1. Lexie Said:

    Good luck looking for a new place. I’m currently looking for a new house as well.

    I understand what you mean about your cat feeling lost. I have four kittens and I’m worried about how they’ll react to our moving to another place.

  2. Holly Said:

    Poor kitty, lol, I’m sure she’ll adjust though, if you do eventually move. 🙂

  3. Kaylee Said:

    I think I know the details from Snark 😉 Good luck, though! It’s going to be tough, and I hope it ends well.

  4. regina Said:

    Good luck looking for a new apartment, hopefully you’ll be able to find roommates fast enough. Poor kitty, hope the adjustment’s not too bad for her!

  5. Julie Said:

    Good luck finding a new place to live and a roommate. Moving is so stressful.

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