Fixed some thing

I just fixed a few errors in the previous post, that were due to my forgetting to escape HTML entities in some parts of code. Everything should be showing up fine now.

You might also have noticed that I changed the site title from “As A Dream” to just “Dream”. I prefer the shorter version. I like dreaming.

ETA. That’s odd…I had noticed that some of my fanlisting topics were showing, for example as “green” instead of how I would normally have written them, that is “eyes: green”. I thought it was some sort of weird choice I had made some time ago. But just now I checked a page I had just finished editing, knowing very well that’s how I had formatted my titles and alt texts, and poof! everything before the colon and the colon itself was gone, in every instance of these. Now what does this happen? Isn’t it really normal to use “something: description” as a format for title attributes? Why add some code to keep it from working?

Oh and, not that you really care, but I fixed the sidebar, as it was showing an empty Blogroll.



  1. Holly Said:

    Wow! You have the longest list of archives I think I’ve ever seen! Impressive! Do you ever go back and look at them all?

  2. asadream Said:

    Oh, I hate when the whole archives show up…That’s one of the sad things about using, I can’t show up only a few and put the rest up in a page.

    Well, I do go back once in a while, to read some more significant entries. I actually have blogged a bit longer than that, there is over a year of blogging missing there. 🙂

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