Job: Soon!

I have been approved for the job. In fact, there wasn’t much room for me to not be approved. I would have been to make a particularly bad impression, I think. Let’s imagine a scenario:

I enter the room.

Me: “Hi, I’m here for the job interview. I’m Julie Delisle.”
Woman: “Welcome! We’ll be doing it downstairs, there’s more room as we’re renovating up here.”
Me (raising my nose in snobbitismty): “I noticed.”
*go downstairs*
Woman: bla bla bla
Me: “I see there are lots of paintings in the room.” (I actually said something nice about them, but let’s pretend I didn’t)
Woman: Oh yes. They are made by some of the homeless youths who come here.
Me: “Homeless? Ew! You mean that homeless people will come here?”

Naturally, this isn’t how it went. I’m very happy about the place. It’s rather small, but it looks very friendly and there are beautiful works of art all over the place. Doing visual art and selling them is one of the ways we (hey, I’m already pretending to be part of it ;)) help homeless people.

Everyone looks nice and welcoming. I must say I wasn’t really expecting everyone to be cold businessmen who would frown on my wearing jeans.

All I need now is to wait for the subvention to be approved by the government. Since it’s a government thing, it will take approximately three weeks to be processed. For everything to be done and ready, this means I would start working around the 12th of March. I would work three days per week, on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, from 9 to 5. The actual hours themselves aren’t that much to my taste, I must say. 9AM is terribly early. Hey, I’m typing this at 1am and have no intention of going to bed very soon…

I think I could walk there without too much of a problem. There’s a bus going pretty much straight from my apartment to the place and I can also take the subway, but I think it would be no more than 30 to 45 minutes on foot. I’ll need to check on a map to make comparisons.


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