Thanks Kaylee for the comment…

I feel kind of nervous right now. I’m not so much afraid to not get the job as I am afraid of how I will be treated. I don’t fear to get abused or something, but I’m afraid to be the “special” girl, the one people gossip about because, well, she’s “different”. I’ve had my share of this in high school. I even dreamed about that sort of thing again last night, except it was the teacher who didn’t like me. Quite the contrary of what I usually live, except for my Sociology teacher, but that’s another story.

I’m a smart girl. While I don’t go around bragging and telling people they are idiots, I hate being treated like I’m not smart. I get a bit contradictory there…While I like having thorough instructions when I’m doing something (mostly something manual), I hate being told things I already know for sure. I hate being given information. I’m having a hard time explaining it…

The woman who helped me get the job sort of treats me that way. She speaks on and on, saying all sorts of things I figured out on my own, explaining and re-explaining things she already explained. I have OCD and Asperger Syndrome, not amnesia. Kthxbye.

Note: this post isn’t against people who do actually have trouble understanding or following conversations, or remembering instructions and other things. If you think it is, you failed to get my point.



  1. Kaylee Said:

    I think I can relate; I always want specific instructions for things I’ve never done before, or am not experienced in. But I hate it when people repeat things over and over as if I’m too stupid to get it the first time… I like hearing things I don’t know about or getting instructions for something I don’t know how to do, but if I already know it – it’s just annoying and feels condescending.

  2. Jordan Said:

    Wow, we have the same theme for our blogs, heh. I stumbled upon your blog through the tag “fanlisting” *waves hello*

    When I was young, I was the girl to be picked upon too, but now I think I just intimidate people, hah. I agree about instructions, though! I need detailed instructions or I’m horrified about screwing up. Though I tend to repeat useless trivia about my passions, repeating obvious stuff is gag worthy.

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