Great Minds Think Alike

Yesterday morning, as on every morning, I woke up far too early and, well, I thought. I do that sort of thing quite a lot (thinking, that is). I didn’t have any particular worry, so I let my mind wander. It found its way to a few years ago, when my mother was addicted to a computer game. Yes, my mother! The one whom I’m not even sure ever game the Super Mario Bros games a try. Alright, maybe ONCE, but that was under the pressure of her five children.

Anyway, the game was similar to Tetris and I tried remembering its name, quite certain that it was simply “Boxes”. Turns out it is indeed the name.

Anyway, yesterday evening I come onto the computer and see that my sister spoke to me. She had asked the name of the game! We are just too awesome, we have to be connected on some super-mega-upper level.


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