BellaBuffs: Uploading Buttons Safely

If you are a user of BellaBuffs, you probably noticed the warning on the buttons upload page, saying that setting a folder’s permission to 777 can be very risky. I will not contradict that statement, for the simple reason that it is entirely true.

Of course, adding buttons through the script is fun and easy. You just need to click a few times to add a button magically (and lazily ;)). So, how can you do it without putting your website (and your entire server) at risk? It’s actually quite easy, but it will require you to log in to FTP, although this is not how you will upload your files. Note that this “tutorial” requires you to know how to change a folder’s permission (CHMOD).

First, you will need to log in to your FTP account and set the folder’s permission to 777. Don’t worry just yet! Don’t shut down the window or sign out yet, you’ll do this last.

Then, sign in to your administration panel and simply proceed to adding new buttons.

Finally, set the folder’s permission back to 755 and sign out from everything you need to sign out of. The images will still be visible on your fanlisting and your folder will not be putting you at risk!

Nice, huh? You don’t need to credit me for that useful piece of information. Just enjoy your new safety points.

There’s even more to it. There are many other scripts out there that claim to need permissions to be set to 777. Actually, if all you do is something like uploading images, you only need to change the permission while you are using this feature, and can set it back to a safer number when you’re done.

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  1. Hev Said:

    Thanks again. Jem has also linked this page from the BellaBuff’s page if you didn’t know. That is how I found it.

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