And Then There Were More…

I have added a few more poems I found in another notebook. My relationship to notebooks is quite, er, enthusiastic.

Je voudrais (I Would Love), Le tableau (The Painting) Unwanted and Wilted Flower are now all available for your enjoyment. As per usual, they are not addressed to children; however, none of them really needs an adult content warning.

I haven’t been posting much lately for various reasons I will keep to myself. Last week was exhausting. Well, not really. There wasn’t that much going on, but I felt constantly tired and slept a lot. I took walks on several days, but I still was tired all the time and had great difficulty falling asleep at night. That difficulty is still here, as can be seen from my posting this at 4:15 a.m.

Eric got a cold at the end of last week. Fortunately it didn’t last very long and he is quite fine by now, just a little bit left. He has an interview for a job tomorrow. I’m quite happy because I know his chances of getting the job are rather high and, if he does get it, he will be working much closer to home. He will be gone for much less hours per day and will be back much earlier, which will be good for him and will allow me to see more of him.

Speaking of jobs, I have an appointment next week with a girl from an organism that help people in therapy find jobs that suit them. I hope I can get to work (or rather to earning money!) soon.


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