Adventure Quest Resources

Adventure Quest seems to be a pretty popular game. People even come here to get information. So I’ll provide them with some.

My first resource is the forums. There are numerous threads providing help and you can ask questions if you are stuck or lost. I intend on making some FAQs of my own here, but for the time being, I will give you links to the threads I make most use of.

  • The One FAQ topic: an important thread to read if you need help
  • Armor Index: a list of all armor by name, by level and by element. Links to armor details (price, level, statistics and image).
  • Clans / Clubs Forum
  • Encyclopediac Monster Index:a list of all monsters by name and by their base element.
  • Equipement Comparison: for example, which fire weapon is best?
  • House and House Items Index: a list of all houses and house items. Each house is linked to a page detailing its price and a few other info (such as how many potions it will give you). House items are listed along with location and price.
  • Random Monster Encounter List: a list of enemies you can meet through random battles, such as by clicking “Battle Monsters” while in Battleon. Each enemy is shown with its base element, level and picture (in the .swf format).
  • Pets and Guests Index: a list of all pets and guests and how to obtain them. Each one has its details listed (statistics, price, etc.).
  • Quests Lists: a list of all quests, including class quests. Each quest has a detailed transcript of dialog, but sometimes lacks a bit of info on where to go.
  • Shields Index
  • Spells Index
  • Weapons Index: contains a list in alphabet order, and a list divided by element, then by level.
  • Miscellaneous/Accessories Index: a list of all other items. Linked to their page, detailing their price, location and effect(s).

Here are a few more things for those curious to see how the game works.

That’s it for now, but I’ll surely be adding more in the future, so stay tuned for updates.


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