Having Free Time

It is almost 2008 here, but do you really believe I will spend several paragraphs telling you (again) how bad 2007 was? No way! I just took part in a very pleasant activity (most people call it “sex”), and am therefore in the mood to write an article (sort of) that I’ve delayed for a long time. If you are studying sociology, you can even use it as a subject for an essay. Enjoy.

If you’ve been stalking me over the past few years, you surely have realized that I don’t take a very active part in e-drama. I watch a lot, read many funny entries and stupid comments, but I’ve never been implicated in an actual story. Even Krystole never bothered with me.

As I said, however, I’ve seen a lot of e-drama, some lamer than others. Some of the sentences you hear the most (from the person being pwnd) are along the lines of “You have no life” and “You really spent time looking up that info?” This makes me wonder: what is the problem here? Do pwn-kings and pwn-queens really have no life? Are they spending so much time digging up information on the pwnee? In my absolutely not humble opinion, no.

Let us look at a few of those people. Let’s take Jem (she’ll love being mentioned and linked to :P). She often mentions having a job, she lives with a man named Karl who is obviously her boyfriend (or whatever term she uses), she has a family, she’s studying, etc. She made two rather long entries in the past two days, both pertaining to the same topic (oh, look! drama!), but else the month of December mostly contains entries separated by three or four days. I don’t see how that is excessive.

She does post relatively often, but she quite obviously has other things on her hands. Then, the information she provides on BarbiLee in her two latest entries is not something she spent weeks gathering, doing nothing else. They are things that were posted on forums, emailed to her, posted on blogs, etc., over the course of several weeks.

Similar in the case of Vera. She never spent hours a day looking up “BarbiLee” wherever she could.

And I could continue on and on, but I prefer to go straight to the second part of the message, addressed to all those who feel they are the victims of naughty girls like the two mentioned above, and also to the rest of society.

Why is it bad to have some free time to devote to that sort of thing? Is it necessary to be busy all the time? You’ll tell me that people who are not busy all the time are lazy asses who need to get a job, go to school, make lots of kids and attend church every Sunday. For a historian, discovering ruins of a sports area means discovering the ruins of an advanced civilization. Why? Because only people with advanced means of seeing to their needs can have time to play sports. When did we return to this need for being always “busy”? Why has leisure become a bad thing? Who corrupted my free time and turned it into a lost resource?

Besides, drama doesn’t take that much time. You can write a rant in fifteen minutes or less, you can post a comment or a thread on a message board in even less time. If you reply, it doesn’t mean that you’re refreshing the page every ten seconds in the hope of seeing a new reply. You can be doing something else, like a school assignment, and sometimes interrupt your work to check out if there’s anything new.

Finally, it’s just fun. Can’t we enjoy ourselves? If you’re making a fool of yourself, harassing someone or stealing, you can’t expect to earn respect in return. You might indeed get attention and lots of hits, but in the end, it’s your loss. You’re getting your place in the Hall of Fame of Idiots, Fucktards and Other People We Laugh At. That’s not a good thing for you, plz to be leaving the web nao.



  1. Carly Said:

    That made quite interesting reading especially in regards to ‘Crazy B.’ (Yes Jem, I’m spreading the nickname for you!)

    The thing that is most important in this and in other such cases is that the idiots in question drum up so much material that it takes moments to google ‘Barbilee’ and straight away you come to forums with her user name, and sites with her email on. If you search for her email in good ol’ google, you find other stuff, including a dA account that 2 weeks ago she posted that she has haters, and loves it and wants them to ‘keep it coming’. She is nowt but a troll! One that has poor spelling and general literacy. I would love all the readers of this, jems, veras, beths, and the others’ sites to flood her blog with awful comments like hers on their sites. Then, everyone block her responses. Powerless. She’s realised that when sites like those I just listed link her crappy page she gets another 100 hits her way, and uses that to gain visits. Pathetic really, innit. Interesting to note, if you search ‘barbielee’ you get myspace sites, blogs and forums about transexuals on the first page of google. Haha.

    Secondly, more directly related to your actual point. When I was younger, and I first had the internet in Dial up days, my Mum used to love going online ‘off peak’ onto a forum she frequented and catching up with all the gossip about these ‘trolls’ on there, mostly about a girl who pretended to be someone completely random, but my mum searched the internet and got evidence it was the same person! It’s great fun. IT’s almost like a hobby – outting the dimwit trolls who think they can outsmart everyone. It’s like being a detective!

  2. barbileekawaii Said:

    you all realy have no l;ifes to keep bloging about me am i that good you all have to do this?

  3. Jem Said:

    Only about 2 months late, eh Barbi?


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