This is unfair!

I’m in a surprisingly good mood. I say surprisingly because there are so many things that should make me angry, and yet I’m not.

First, my roommate has discovered that our bandwidth is getting sucked quite quickly. The day before yesterday, 9GB were downloaded. In a single day. Now, my roommate downloads a lot, but not that much. He wants us to keep checking how much bandwidth is being used on our computers. In Windows XP, you can have this icon show up that, when you double click on it, will tell you how much was uploaded and downloaded from your computer. I wouldn’t mind much if a) I didn’t feel like I’m being monitored closely by Big Brother for something that CANNOT be my fault, b) I didn’t get obsessed because it’s numbers and numbers make me do all sorts of weird things and c) it didn’t make a new icon appear in the bottom right of my screen, which I always want to keep “clean” (i.e. free of anything but the MSN Messenger and AVG Anti-Virus icons).

Second, because of this surveillance of his, I am forbidden to play a certain online video game (Adventure Quest, mentioned a couple of posts before). This is quite unfair because the game is a small one. It’s not like I download a 4GB game every day. I think I’ll cheat and play anyway.

Third, as I had to keep myself busy, I continued watching the third season of Doctor Who (the new series, not the old one). There are twelve plus one (yeah, number freak) episodes per season. As only twelve episodes fit on a single DVD, I could only watch up to the twelfth one. I don’t know where the finale is! Give me the finale! I watched the two first episodes of the finale, I want to see how it ends! My roommate is still sleeping, he tends to get up late these days. He works at night, by the way, so not “late” as in “OMG I slept all day!!111!!!1”, but late as in “no more than two hours before going off to work”.


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