Dear Facebook User

I am not the girl you were looking for. I am not that friend you went to college with. I don’t know what about you, but I can personally recognize the picture of people I’ve gone to college with. Sorry for the enormous disappointment.

Now, I don’t mind us being Facebook friends, for what it means. You can send me messages even if you want to. Invite me to the occasional quiz if you feel like it. I would however very much love to know why you sent me a chain letter to be sent to your bestest friendz eva?

In other news, did I mention that my cat seems to have a crush on my roommate? She still remains very afraid of him, running to hide if he tries to catch her, but she definitely seems fascinated by him. She’ll watch him do whatever he’s doing, keeping a certain distance.

When he’s gone to work (at night), he often closes his door. She likes to sneak in there and sleep on his bed. She’s able to open the door when it’s locked, so I imagine that if she really wants to smell him all around her, she can get past such a trivial obstacle.

P.S. Why did my new categories get added with no capital letter at the beginning?


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  1. Capri Said:

    It’s a huge downer that people are misusing Facebook the same way they abused email – by sending chain letters. Chain letters are the reason email is pretty dead compared with social networks, but social networks are slowly being killed by the very same contaminants.

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