Because Rambling Is Better Than Whining…

The Holidays are coming very soon. That doesn’t mean “days off” while I don’t have a job, but it does mean that I can indulge in large amounts of foods…which I don’t have to pay for! Isn’t it wonderful? I intend to stuck up a lot for the rest of the winter. I could use my breasts as storage room.

More seriously, though, I hope I can get some things from my mom, like a meat pie or two and spaghetti sauce. I received a jar from her a couple of weeks ago but, of course, it got eaten pretty quickly. I should ask for a bigger jar next time, because both Eric and I eat it.

I have to call an organism today that will help me find a job. They are specialized in helping people in therapy find jobs, so I know that the person who employs me will be fully aware of my condition, or at least the parts that can help or disturb my work.

I still have to buy a Christmas gift for my mom. We’re doing an exchange, as every year for a while now, and I picked her name. She put a book as one of her suggestions, and it’s surely what I’ll get her. It’s something straightforward (i.e. no spending four hours searching for what exactly she could want as a “surprise”). Besides, since Eric works in a bookstore, I can just get him to buy it for me. Well, I’ll be the one to pay, but I won’t have to go shopping one week before Christmas.

I’d love to get Eric something, but I don’t know what. Something not too expensive that would make him happy.

I learned a couple of days ago that my best friend, who has been living in British Columbia for about two years, is coming here for the holidays! Since she’s coming after Christmas (but before the new year), it means that I will be gone for maybe about ten days. On one hand, I’m going to miss Eric (and the furry one if I can’t bring her along), but, on the other hand, there are many people I will see whom I’ve missed.

My niece can now walk on her two feet, something which she couldn’t last time I’ve seen her, sometime during the fall. My nephew, her brother, is now attending school, or rather pre-school.

The location of my group therapy is changing next week. Well, our next meeting is at the same place, but, after a two-weeks break for the holidays, we’ll be back in a new location.


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  1. Kaylee Said:

    Holiday eating is the best. I hope you get a lot of yummy food! Unfortunately, it seems that everything get stored in my thighs, not my boobs 😛

    Good luck getting a job and buying Christmas presents!

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