Filled With Ideas

I am filled with ideas of stories to write. I was looking at a project of mine (a secret thing to do with insanity of my own) and I saw several titles that suddenly woke ideas inside my head, or revived ones I hadn’t had for a while. I’m actually even thinking of trying to turn one into a comic. Now, however, this would mean getting collaboration, something I have never done in my entire life. I can come up with a story and picture characters in my head but, when it comes to drawing, I fucking suck. I want original, publishable work here. I don’t know who could really help me…

Eric likes to draw, but he is not too certain of his own talent and is often too busy or too tired, so I doubt he would be an appropriate choice. He has a friend who can draw very well, but I’m not acquainted with him well enough to ask for such a partnership.

I believe…no, I’m certain the idea comes in part from my reading the Fables comics, which I heartily recommend. The plots I have in mind are quite different, but the quality of this comic has given me…shall I say hope?

In other news, however, “real” life presents no interest to me. I barely eat, although I do still drink a lot of Pepsi and juice. I don’t care for what time I’m going to bed. It’s almost 5:30am right now and I don’t care. I’d stay up until mid-morning, where I would take a short nap before getting back to putting my ideas on paper. Well, converting them into binary code, as I mostly do it on the computer.

I’m not really interested in seeing people, except one particular man, and, of course, Eric. I wish I could live off my creativity, but it is unfortunately impossible. Should I even be well off with my current income, there would still be so many things to do “out there”, and that doesn’t interest me at all. Why am I not the daughter of a rich artist?



  1. Kaylee Said:

    I get a lot of ideas, but I rarely put any of them to use. It usually involves too much effort and committment.

    Maybe one of your ideas will allow you to become more interested in “real” life?

  2. Julie Said:

    Well, as I said, I would need collaboration for at least one of them. Also, you *can* sit down on your butt all day long creating but, in the end, it’s boring to just create and never, ever show anything to anyone, never try publication, etc. So I guess that, yes, one day, I’ll have to get out of my cozy apartment.

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