Minor Updates

I have nothing interesting to say. I’m in the process of moving my joined fanlistings here. I’ve also been going through pages and making sure that Comments and Pings were disabled. I don’t see the need for either on pages like “Copyright”.

Perhaps a few thoughts on the theme. The one thing that really bugs me is how links inside lists revert to default style. As I use a lot of lists, to link to subpages and in my external links pages, it is pretty annoying. I also wish I could make links blue instead of brown, but I’m not going to pay just so I can change a link color, as the rest of the free service is quite satisfying for me.

I like that the navigation is quite big without being overdone, and I like that I don’t have to annoy my visitors with links to every single page in the sidebar, as I have way too many for that.

I also think that level-3 headers (h3) should be a bit more spaced from the left side of the content area.

Overall, though, I quite like the theme. It has pretty colors (I find that the brown just goes well with the green and blue) and is not too plain without having a header of a million pixels in height.


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