White Shnit

I believe I will twist a meme. Rachael made this entry where she decided to tag every reader, like the proper gay bitch she is (:P), so I will twist the original topic. Instead of writing about myself, I will write about a few people I know. No numbers, no tagging of other people (although you are welcome to use my idea), no porn, etc. I will just name some people (with a noun to identify them like “brother” or a first name).

My Brother

Should you tell him about his navel, he will firmly maintain that he has none. He also will tell you that he doesn’t wash his feet. To make sure they don’t get “accidentally” washed while he is showering them, he wraps them in plastic bags.*

My Grandfather

My grandfather (my mom’s father) is a strong Roman Catholic. When his two youngest songs were young, he did not encourage them to play hockey because he considered it “wrong”. He loved to watch wrestling. He would also turn off the TV if a couple happened to kiss.

My Grandmother

My mother’s mom is a rather down-to-earth person. She’ll look at the practical side of things rather than question herself about Life, Death and Spirits.

* Of course he does wash his feet.

Blah blah blah. I started this entry yesterday or the day before, and now I’m actually in a good mood and don’t feel like continuing on the same line. I don’t know who else to talk about. I guess I just *had* to post something about my brother.

It snowed today. The snow will melt soon, but for now the soil is covered in snow, and that sucks. I hate snow, I hate winter.

Bleh. Life bores me. I’m not really interested in blogging anymore. I just play hidden objects games all day long, while listening to music. There are over 7000 songs in my iTunes playlist, and surely more to come once I get enough money to buy a new disc with over 100GB of space.

I’ll be adding some links just about now.


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