My Furry Arch-Nemesis

I can’t believe I haven’t introduced you to the furry member of the household yet. Well, I talked about her, but I haven’t yet posted pictures.

A few basic facts:

Her name is Béatrice (with an acute accent on the first e). This is pronounced more or less Bay-ah-triss.

She is polydactyl. This means she got more thumbs than she deserves and, logically, more claws to scratch me with.

She is boxophile, which means she is sexually attracted to boxes. She sleeps in them, searches the recycling box for them; she scratches her litter box and leaves pieces in her litter.

She loves me. She follows me around the apartment. If I go to the bathroom, she comes to the door and meows.

She hides from my roommate and any visitors, no matter how frequent.

She once was an itsy-bitsy thing that could lie down on the back of my neck.

itsy-bitsy cat

Back then, she also loved to climb up onto chairs, letting her back and front hang on either side, and grab her tail. She seems to have stopped doing it after the chair fell down a few times. Unfortunately, the only picture I have of her doing this was robbed of her head.

kitty grabbing her tail

When I’m on the computer, she usually lies down in a box beside me and sleeps.

cat sleeping in a box

She will gladly awake me if she’s hungry or wants to play. She also meows a lot to “call” me. “Mommy! I be downstairs missing you!”

Beatrice meowing

In the picture below she is observing a very strange phenomenon. She knows when I’m about to flush and prepares herself.

kitty looking into the toilet

Here she shows everyone that she knows her worth by emptying the trash can and taking the place of what was in it:

cat in a trash can

Here she’s just being a cat:

cat sleeping in a box

And, finally, she makes a very clear statement: “I’m a Coke kitteh”.

cat sleeping on a box of Coca Cola



  1. Kaylee Said:

    Lol, your cat is so cute! You always post random things in Snark which I think are related to her…

  2. Louise Said:

    Aww, you have an adorable little kitty. ^-^

    I think my cat was a boxophile when she was younger. She loved crawling into any box she could find and ripping them to shreds.

  3. Regina Said:

    Oh…what a cute cat. I want a cat too. I haven’t had one in years now. You’re lucky 🙂

  4. Aisling Said:

    Awww, she’s so cute!

  5. Merkal Kahil Said:

    Cute cat!
    Thanks for joining Rugman

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