Budget Joy!

I decided to make an hypothetical budget, pretending I have a job, to see how much money I would need to be more at ease financially. I don’t want, or rather cannot get a full-time job. I don’t feel mentally ready for that at all. Plus, if I already have a part time job, I can easily go back to school and keep the same job, on the same income.

I realized that a job giving me 100$ per week would be plenty for me to not only survive, but have fun! Considering my mother already gives me money, I would then be able to save up and pay my debt to the university within two months, save for an eventual return to school, and buy cool things like video games.

A brand new PlayStation 2 can be obtained for less than 100$ (all prices are in Canadian dollars, by the way), so I could also save to buy one. Oh the joy!

Of course, none of this would be possible if I had a car or something. Such reassuring thoughts!


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