Follow Up and Newness

Wow, “newness” actually is a word.

For Nellie: I dislike both the M word and the W word. Yay for clarity! 😀

My friend’s house was broken into last Thursday. The thieves took his computer and his DVD player. The DVD player was rather old, so it wasn’t worth much. He was also planning on getting a new computer anyway so, money-wise, it wasn’t that bad. However, his computer contained a lot of things to which he was attached, like various creative works, music and pr0n.

The idiots thieves also searched around the house. Of course, when you are a dumbass thief searching through someone’s house, you don’t care much for the mess you make. They turned over the couch, tables, and a bunch of other things. They made a mess of their drawers, and so on. They didn’t really steal anything of value. The most valuable item (the stereo) was left there. They also didn’t touch the actual DVDs.


As for me, I spend most of my days playing video games, listening to music and writing. I’d love to be back in school, studying computer programming, but I dread the idea of a job, in spite of needing money.


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