Three Things I’ve Never Mentioned Before

I was visiting Rachael and saw she had posted this, so I stole it from her. With no remorse.

I’m Afraid of Many Things Because of A Stinking Trash Can

Once upon a time, there was a mother who sent her daughter to change the bag of the outdoors garbage can, because it wasn’t smelling good. Obedient, the then 13-year-old girl went straight away (I guess she was reluctant a little, trash cans are not pleasant to change whatever your mental state is). She pulled the lid up and saw rice. She thought “Huh? What is rice doing there?” Plus, the rice was a bit outside the can. Who throws away things so carelessly?

Then she saw the rice was moving. She identified it immediately as something else than rice, and rushed indoors, screaming to her mother, her sister and the entire population of the country that “There are a bunch of [insert name of thing here]”.

And her mother had cooked rice for dinner. Splendid.

In the past few years, since that event, I have been on and off afraid of:

  • The W-word. Spoken, written, and materialized.
  • Rice. Above all when, in boiling water, it moves around.
  • Noodles moving, whatever the reason is.
  • Various bugs.
  • Garbage cans and bags, above all the orange ones.
  • Outdated food.
  • Nearly outdated food.
  • The dark.
  • The back door of my parents’ house, and the…thing it leads to. Whatever its name is.

And surely more things that my brain has pushed into the darkest depths of my memory.

I Make Lists

I’m a compulsive list maker. I barely ever have a to-do list, but I make lists of everything: French verbs ending in “er”, English verbs, three-letter words, countries, capitals, languages, religions, characters from certain TV series, books, bands…and, of course, lists of things I love to make lists of.

I Collect Model Animals

I prefer dogs or cats, but I also have an extensive collection at my parents’ home. It includes several felines, cows, deers, crocodiles, sharks, monkeys, horses, etc. I started collecting them several years ago (when a lot of the money my mother gave me went to buying those), and bought my latest piece (a baby lynx) a couple of days ago.

Of course, you can take this and post it on your site.



  1. Nellie Said:

    The W word? I thought you meant the M word.

  2. Kaylee Said:

    Eww, I’m having horrible images of moving rice in my head :S

    I would pick model animals over real ones, any day ;P

  3. Regina Said:

    Oh my! Poor you. There’s nothing as disgusting as “that kind of rice”. Ew….
    Very interesting facts. Enjoyed reading them 🙂

  4. Sairah Said:

    Sucks about your experience, although you seem to have taken it harder than I might’ve. =P

    Ooh, I make lists, too, of all kinds of stuff. ROFL, as a matter of fact, my latest blog post was three, interrelated lists. ^^ Which is almost weird because most of my non to-do listmaking takes place in my pen and paper journal. =P

    Anyhow, I also wanted to mention that your blog is really cool (the layout colors are all dreamlike and also simultaneously techy in the top header. Nice skyline there).

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