Apples and Pumpkins

I’ve been delaying this post for quite some time now, but here it is as promised.

I got up quite early on Saturday, after far from enough sleep. Instead of going on the computer or reading, I proceeded to cleaning the kitchen floor and doing the dishes. Then I dropped dead on my bed and woke up only in the evening, on time to eat supper at my sister’s place.

The supper went well and I was even hopeful that the next day, which would be spent on picking apples, would be fun. I should have known better.

First, I don’t like apples, as I said about a hundred times on various places on the web. I don’t like then raw, I don’t like them baked, etc. The only apple thing I like is green apple as a perfume. So, the prospect of spending the entire day picking up a fruit I don’t like didn’t attract me much, but I went anyway.

Second, I have a lot of difficulty dealing with rotten stuff. When you pick up apples, you choose the ones you prefer. If you happen to pick up one that doesn’t please you, you simply drop it down at the bottom of the tree. So there I was, on a ground where it was impossible not to encounter some rotten apples that had been stepped on by several autumn enthusiasts and their careless kids.

Dinner (the meal at noon) came. My mother ordered for herself, me and my sister, the pancakes they serve everyone, but asked the apple pieces to be removed from mine. The sauce on the pancake was made with apples. The sauce on the lettuce was made with apples. Joy! I tried enjoying the meal, but I was also sitting beside my nephew who was eating a “breakfast pancake”, with lots of fruits and an apple-less sauce. It’s unfair!

By the time we were done, I was exhausted from lack of sleep and being outdoors, and really looking forward to being home. My sister, however, wanted to take her son (4 years old) to see a pumpkins field. I don’t like pumpkins, nor any other kind of squash fruits. Jack Skellington is an exception, of course.

There were a terribly big of people. Pumpkin fields are boring anyway. Just pumpkins lying around, waiting to be picked. Woo-hoo!

Then was time to return to Montreal. Picking pumpkins and apples is a really popular thing (and commercial too), so there was a hell of a lot of traffic. Yes, we were in the countryside, in a small village where about 2 cars pass by per day during the rest of the year, but it’s quite busy in autumn. It took forever to reach the highway, then we were often slowed down by the traffic on our way back.

When we arrived at my home, I hurried into bed to get some sleep, else I would probably have done mean things. The supper itself went quite well. We had chicken with rice and something else I just can’t seem to remember.


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