Thanksgiving To-Do List

It is Thanksgiving for us Canadians this weekend. I don’t care much for the holiday in itself, but my mother is taking advantage of a three-days break to come visit me. She’s bringing my sister along with her, while my eldest sister is coming too along with her two children (my niece and nephew).

I have to clean around the apartment. It’s far from being filthy, but the usual weekend cleaning must be done faster than per usual so that they may arrive in a clean apartment.

  • Clean around my bedroom. This means storing what needs to be stored, finish the laundry, and pick up a few things here and there. I should change the sheets of my bed too, and wash my pillowcase.
  • Clean the upstairs bathroom. I will probably leave this to my roommate, as I have great difficulty doing it and Eric is working tomorrow. Again, just usual stuff we do at least once a week (clean the bath, toilet and sink)
  • Vacuum-clean downstairs (kitchen and living room) and wash the kitchen floor.
  • Do the dishes (all of them, not just a part of them).
  • Empty the recycling box
  • Change my cat’s litter
  • Change the sheets in Eric’s bed for whoever is going to sleep there during the weekend

I intend on doing some of these things while I’m not sleeping tonight. I have insomnia anyway, and I slept for most of the day because of lack of sleep the previous nights, so it won’t make me stay up later than usual. I’ll finish what’s left tomorrow.



  1. Kaylee Said:

    I hate cleaning; especially before guests come over because then I have to clean everything in one day.

  2. Eina Said:

    One of the reasons I don’t really invite people over is because I don’t like cleaning my room 😛 Ooh, happy Thanksgiving!

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