Vet Day

I was unable to fall asleep before something like 9 a.m., partly because I was talking about sex on Snark and partly because I was worried about my kitten.

Once I got up, I had to call the vet about a hundred times because the line was always busy. I finally was able to go.

Beatrice is not exactly at her full adult size yet, but she still is rather heavy to carry in her cage. My arms were tired and my hands are irritated from holding the cage. It was also really hot too, so I got rather tired.

The vet examinated her and asked some questions, mostly things I had already observed and been reassured by their good state (e.g. she ate and didn’t vomit).

He found that she wasn’t injured, except some minor scratches around her nose and mouth. It’s nothing more serious than, say, the injury you could get from falling off in roller skates.

The evaluation cost $45 CAN. FORTY FIVE? That hurt more than the accident.

Beatrice is right by now. She moves from one box to another to find some place to sleep. She tried the recycling box, then a red plastic box, now she’s in yet another…she’s cute.

Rambling rocks.



  1. Aravis Said:

    Wow, I love kittens! I wish I can have one again… 😦

    Ouch, $45 is a lot, but at least you know that Beatrice will be fine, right? 🙂

  2. Jacky Said:

    Aww, poor thing! Good thing she’s ok. I have a rambunctious little brat for a cat, so I’ve felt the sting of the vet fees before. Though, it’s always worth it to make sure your feline friend is OK. 🙂

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