Yes, It Can Hurt

I hate how some people behave in relation to what some people post about. I’m referring more specifically to the way most people react to Janet‘s site.

I’m sick and tired of seeing people being rude, calling her a retard, mocking her for having a therapy, etc. Shut the fuck up.

Some people got mental diseases and it’s a good thing to talk about it, to let it out.

I’m not talking about her coding or anything, I don’t really care at the moment, in fact. What I’m pissed off about is people’s reaction to her, like she was some worthless person with nothing of interest.

There are people in the world who suffer, and maybe it’s fucking time you stop trying to take us down and actually accept us as we are. I’m not talking about ass-kissing or spending your whole fucking time telling us that “zomg you’re sooo great i lyke tutally luv u!11!” I’m talking about shutting the fuck up with your goddamn insults.

When I post about mental problems, I’m not expecting to have 50 people commenting to tell me that they’re totally sorry and really wish I’m gonna be better. I’m just venting out because it’s an important issue for me. Other people are saying that Fark Oath is shit, well I’m saying that phobias suck.

Another thing that pissed me off in the past month was someone’s post on a message board talking about how she was in pain and nobody cared. She immediately proceeded to say that she was referring to physical pain, not emotional, as she isn’t an emo person. Why is it wrong to speak about emotional pain? I’m not talking about the crappy .tk site I found the other day, where the owners posted extremely crappy poems and talked constantly about their pain and cutting themselves. I’m just saying that I have the right as a human being to post on my blog about depression, phobias, OCD and whatever else I might want to talk about.

If you want to stick to my happier posts, go ahead and do it. But if you start talking shit about me because I post about my mental diseases, I’ll be pissed off (just like if you make fun of me or something because of my orientation).


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  1. Lil Said:

    Well said. A while back I went through a really hard time coping with anxiety and panic attacks, but it’s something I kept out of my blog because I felt that people would think I was whining or looking for attention. It’s stupid in retrospect but the internet is an incredibly cruel and unforgiving place at times which is not something I needed at that stage in my life.

    Perhaps we should blame everyone’s inner Scientologist – at least it would make sense as to why total strangers feel the urge to have a go at someone whose mental problems they’re not familiar with.

    To be honest, it’s nice when people say ‘Oh, hope you feel better soon.’ but it never really helps. That’s why whenever I come across a blog about anxiety I’m compelled to post my experience and what helped me (as it might help others).

    Phobias suck indeed :/ Needles here. Passed out once and had a fit. Not good, interesting story to share none-the-less.

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