There once was a time where the clique I belonged to on the web was that of Titanic fans. I had my fan site (on Geocities, of course) and posted on other people’s tagboards (nobody had another sort of comment system on their sites, except if they were on LiveJournal).

Now I’m working on some little project of mine and for the occasion I dugg into old sites of mine (which are still on my computer) and found some way old sites that are still working! They haven’t been updated for ages and they look ugly as hell, but they are still there!

Christa’s Titanic Gallery was one of the cool places to get images from the movie. Warning: the site loads extremely slowly. Images look really small, but note two things. First, back then, most people had much smaller resolutions. 800×600 was probably the most popular, and there were certainly people with 640×480 (there are still some today, but they are mostly hiding from shame). Second, it was not yet the age of DVDs. Most people bought VHSs. I remember when DVDs came out and they were the expensive things the privileged ones bought…

A careful eye might also have noticed how few coding errors are actually in the site because it doesn’t even use crappy tables or something like that 😉

I’m going back to the good old days now…


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