Spring Walk

I just took a long walk in the Old Montreal, for about two hours. The weather was just perfect. It was neither too fresh nor too warm, not too windy, not rainy, sunny but not overly so…I went to the old harbor, I love this place. There are a couple of ponds, one of which has some kind of “island” with a few trees and benches. I sat on the grass, leaning against one of the trees. This is such a comfortable position, your butt and legs freshened by the grass and your back comfortably installed.

I came back to delight in a capiccolo (spelling?) and tomato sandwich (with mayonnaise, of course). I just finished eating and am now sitting at the computer (duh!), listening to good music and drinking a huge glass of water. The one thing I longed for during my walk was something to drink, but I didn’t want to buy anything there because I knew it would be far too expensive. I was going to buy a popsicle in some shop on the way back, but then I remembered I have some delicious ones in the freezer. This means that I will have taken a lengthy walk, which is good for one’s legs, digestion, sleep and mind, at no cost at all. Isn’t it wonderful?

I’m still working on my novel. I haven’t written much since yesterday, but it is forming in my head progressively and I’m satisfied with the result up to now.

My sister and her boyfriend are going to the United States next Monday “to climb up a mountain”. This means that I will be alone all day long, unless Eric comes here. I’m trying to see one of our common friends (his best friend and a not-so-well-known friend of mine), but he’s pretty much always busy…

I know I have posted it several times, but, god, Green Day’s old music rocks.

I have finally made my first entry on As A Dream and already have an idea for the next one. I only need to gather a few websites and think of a longer entry to write along with it.

I still don’t know what I’m going to do next semester. I’m still in cinema for the university, but, for me, I’m not sure it’s a good idea anymore. My “deepest” vocation is wri

[part of the post was lost due to a crappy host]


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