Nature’s Beauty

Of all the things in this world, nature is among those that I find most often beautiful. Even in the oddest places, like along a brick wall, you can find some green thing to beautify the place. My own photographs will be kept for later. I will however provide you with a few links to websites containing nature photographs. None of them is what I or the owner would call professional, but that does not remove any quality from them.

Pet Shop Girls Reviews is primarily a review site, or so it seems from the title, navigation and about pages. The reviews are probably the most known version of the site. However, Rhiannon, the owner, also often blogs on this website, writing lengthy entries on her life. While some of her opinions can be controversial, there is one thing nobody can’t deny: her photos section is filled with awesomeness. Of course, one could be tempted to say that, living in New Zealand, she only has to go outside, walk a couple of steps and press on the button of her camera to take a pretty picture. Many of them, however, demonstrate a great talent in positioning herself to give the picture an even greater harmony.

Jem also has no pretention of being a professional photographer. The field in which she is most at ease is certainly coding for the web ((X)HTML, CSS, PHP). She however owns a camera and has a stock photo website with many pictures that are quite pleasant to look at.

Sarah also orients her website toward either more personal or technical stuff. She however has, under the “Creative” section, several nature pictures.

Not much for now, but it is late, I am tired, and I want to have things to post in future days. 🙂


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  1. Sarah Said:

    Thanks for the link to 3till7. 🙂 I think my photography section is a big part of my site, because it’s a favorite hobby of mine to take photos and I enjoy sharing them with others.

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