Anail Natharch…or something like it

The soundtrack to The Pick of Destiny rocks. It is one of the many movies my boyfriend and his best friend keep quoting, leaving me with a “what the hell are you talking about?” face.

Yesterday, we watched Excalibur. It was good; not the best movie I’ve ever seen (what is the best movie I saw, anyway?), but still quite enjoyable. It has made me curious about Arthurian legends but, since I already have six books borrowed from the library, it will have to wait a little.

I’m thinking of studying in computers, probably programming or something like it. My main interesting is in web scripting languages, like PHP and ASP, the latter of which I know pretty much nothing. Since I already have a basic knowledge of PHP, I believe I would do well. However, when I look at possible programs, I see things like “Quantum Computing” and “Introduction to Theoretical Computing”. Just the word “quantum” is enough to make me run away. The idea of going into deep theories doesn’t interest me. I want coding. Pure coding, all clean, secure and useful. Provided you consider things like “coding my fanlistings” useful. Of course, were I to follow my intention of studying in the domain, I would actually get a job in it, not just code my personal sites. I have more sense than that, after all.

It’s sunny outside and quite comfortable, so I should go and take a walk. After supper.

I found a very small, but good looking and very clean park nearby my apartment. It’s less than ten minutes by foot. There are huge trees, obviously planted there by humans, but still trees, all healthy and gorgeous. There is also a small dog park, so my boyfriend and I go all excited at the sight of these running furry creatures. It’s surrounded by rather quiet streets, so it’s a pleasant place to hang out. It’s also quite shadowy, which is always good when it’s hot outside. Trees shadow is so much more effective than any other type of shadow. Trees rock (no pun intended).

I’m looking forward to the month of July. My sister and her boyfriend are moving away, so my boyfriend and a friend are moving in. The apartment will like, totally be mine (somehow). July 1st is something like the Official Moving Day in Quebec, mostly in Montreal. This is the day where most people change apartments. Change, yes, because usually you move from one apartment to another. Or into a condo. The difference between an apartment and a condo is that the apartment is rented, while the other is bought. Condos are really the “in” thing in Montreal right now. They’re getting built all over the place, and sold within very short amounts of time. I would never buy one for two reasons. First, they’re often expensive. Then, I would certainly not want to own something in Montreal. No way.


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