A Lucky Day

Today is mu lucky day. As I took a walk, I met a man dressed up as a cowboy (hat, boots and gun), two men kissing passionately and a girl dressed up as a yellow bunny.

I also have completed most of Symphony of the Night’s first castle, for my third time playing in less than a month.

On the less happy side, I was thinking as I went to take a shower “I’m glad next Monday is the start of my therapy. I’ve been looking for this Monday, May 17th for so long.” And then I realized that we were far too early in May for next Monday to be the 17th. It is the 7th, and the 17th is next week, and is not a Monday. My appointment, however, is indeed on the 17th, so it is much later than I thought it would be. Every day a new burden can come to add itself to my other stupid obsessions and fears.

The other day, I was playing Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, when, in a room full of ghouls and one heavy armor, I suddenly came face to face with a skeleton. I remained in this OMGWTFskeleton mood for some time, as there kept appearing skeletons in this room and my stupid self thought it was a glitch. It was only days later that I discovered that, when dealt fire damage, ghouls and zombies will turn into skeletons.

I have finally taken care of all of my fanlistings, except for the nipples one, for which I really have to make a new layout. Really, very much. The mohawks fanlisting is up for adoptions, you can view the thread at TFL boards.

I’m hoping to go visit my parents some time soon. I miss my sisters, niece and nephew, and there are a few things I left there, most noticeably summer clothes. I quite regret not having brought them here earlier, as there were some pretty hot days this week. I’m also in serious need of some fresh air. Don’t try, going in a park is absolutely nothing to just going outside at my parents’ home. Trust me, the air is way better over there than in any park of this bloody city. I’d also like to take some pictures so I can sigh while looking at them with much nostalgia in my mind, listening to some old Green Day song and cursing my life.


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