May Soon

May is coming very soon, which is a good thing because I hate winter. There was no snow in sight last weekend, except a few unmelted spots here and there. Yesterday I went to the grocery store. It was snowing. I already hate snow in winter, but in such a time of the year, it’s even worse. First, I’m really tired of winter and looking forward to summer. Then, the soil is warmer, so the snow melts easily, which results in slush. A lot of slush, semi-liquid snow that goes through your boots to reach your feet and freeze them. So I arrived home, both boots and both socks soaking wet.

When I left for my boyfriend’s place later in the evening, I did a good old trick. First, grab one plastic bag for each of your feet (one foot = one bag, two feet = two bags, 8 feet = 8 bages, and so on). The bags shouldn’t be too big. Normal grocery store plastic bags should be fine. Make sure there is no hole in the ba

[Note: the rest of this post was lost due to a bad host.]


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