You know how most of my posts since the beginning of the year would be classified by many as “boring, whiny crap”. Some would say that I, as many, need to shut up about my mental problems. Well, I tell them to shut up in return. I may talk about my mental diseases as much as I wish to. I’m not asking for money, not even saying that people should take care of me or whatever. I’m keeping my private life (you know, my address, my sex life, the color of my toothbrush and stuff like that) to myself, but my diseases are a subject I just love talking about.

Except that I’m not willing to talk about them all the bloody time. So this post will henceforth be entirely controlled by the part of me that wishes to talk about some desires of mine.

Talking with my boyfriend (or rather, hearing him talk to me) is fun, seeing him too, but, of course, I can’t stay trapped inside my house all day long – well, I sleep during the day, but that will be the end of this message, so let’s go back to what I was saying. I have to see other people than my boyfriend, my sister and her boyfriend, the latter two whom I don’t even see all that much anymore. Today, my boyfriend took me at one of his friends’ place, so I could meet her, and her girlfriend at the same occasion (and borrow the two first seasons of Buffy from her). I really enjoyed myself there, the girls were really nice. I didn’t like her spaghetti sauce, but she was really nice and she makes very good garlic butter.

Because of her field of study, she owns several religious books: the Book of Mormons, the Bible, the Quran, the Grishna book who’s name I can’t remember…I was reading through the Quran, then shortly in a new translation of the Bible (into French) with very simple sentences, and it had me remember how I was interested in knowledge. I like to know about so many things: History, languages, religion, animals, geography…There is university, yes, but there are libraries filled with so many books that contain so much knowledge of this world. I want to learn things, like I used to.

I have learned to much about geography in the past. I need to get myself up to date (with atlases that don’t back fromt he early 1990s, or even before that) on the subject. I also have learned the Russian alphabet. I have to review it and learn some basic Russian. Perhaps I could find some way to not pay too much for a course on disc. I would speak in a most academic way, but at least I could understand something. Next, comes German. At least I know the alphabet well. And I know some pretty good German movies, such as Run Lola Run.

I’d also love to review stuff I learned in physics and chemistry, as well as some things I know on animals, and expand my knowledge in those three subjects.

Why such a pedant, smart-jack decision? Because I remembered how I was as a kid, always my head into books, and I’ve seen River in Whedon’s Firefly series and I thought to myself “I have to learn things like I used to.” I have such a curious nature and I love showing my talents so much. If I had more knowledge, I could totally babble on and on about stuff I’m the only person to understand. That would make me feel smart and perhaps even useful.

That said, I pretty much sleep during the day now. By going to bed later and later, I have managed to make it to going to bed at 7a.m. on the morning of March 31st, getting up at 1:30p.m. to go with my boyfriend.

My brother-in-law now gets up at 5a.m. during the week (you know, there are all kind of crazy people). I thought he would get up later during the weekend. He did. He woke up around 6:20a.m. I’ve been going to bed after he got up for about a week now.

I however do need to go back to a more regular schedule. One of the reasons for this is simply that libraries are not opened at night.


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