Website Almost Done

I have almost completed my new personal website. I have found a new name (yet again) which I am pleased with. I have also tried adding a sidebar and I’m quite pleased with the result. I sometimes have a tendency to forget how handy can a sidebar be on a rather large website. My fanlistings can live without one, but this website needs one.

I have fallen quite deep into the “not feeling well” area this week. I have obtained recently a one-month extension for all of my fanlistings, meaning I can get some rest from taking care of them and from receiving trouble emails. I think, however, that I will get back to them soon.

My throat feels strange. My head aches a little. Feels like I’m catching my boyfriend’s cold, which sucks. I’m through with being sick but, at least, when you get a cold, you can just tell it to people without them looking at you weird or getting some ideas on you.

I have a friend who suffers from anorexia, which I find quite sad. She told me yesterday that some girls think she is lucky for it. What the fuck do they think? That it’s actually fun to be anorexic? “OMG that’s so cool I feel soooo fat and don’t eat!!1!!” Haven’t they ever heard her saying how weak and cold she feels? How bad she feels about herself, her body? Anorexia isn’t fun, girls. It’s a disease and there is no bloody disease that is fun. Stuff like that makes me want to throw curry at the media.

I’m not crazy, this is an ubercool reference to an ubercool game known as Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, in which a waiter skeleton throws curry at you when he sees you, before running into a wall and die. If you get to kill him on your own (no running into a wall), you can end up getting his soul which allows you to throw curry too. When you level it up, by getting 9 souls, you throw an enormous plate of curry. It does damage enemies. It’s pretty useful against Iron Golems. Whatever you do to these guys removes only 1 HP, and they have 50. When you throw curry at it, the curry remains on the floor for a short amount of time, removing several times 1 HP.

I do use curry against some other enemies, it helps taking them down faster and it sounds cool and, you know, less violent.

There are so many cool things in the Castlevania series, I really have to add a page about them in my coming website.


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