Can’t Return Home For Now

I’m looking forward for being back in Montreal. My boyfriend, kitten and computer are all there. My boyfriend left me his Nintendo DS along with New Super Mario Bros. and Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (woot!), but I still prefer the boyfriend himself.

It however is currently impossible for me to return home: Parc La Vérendrye: Des autochtones érigent un barrage (in French). Of course, no website seems to diffuse the news in English. To sum it up: Native Americans are blocking the only straight road between the region where my parents live and Montreal. This means I’m stuck here until the conflict is resolved unless a generous person decides to provide me the money to do the trip via an airplane or I somehow decide to go a long way up North, then a long way into the East before going all the way back South to Montreal, which would take over 20 hours, I believe.


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