My Status

Marital Status: taken

Current mood: quite crappy

Currently needing: a psychiatrist, my boyfriend, food, sleep, going outside, my mommy, money, confidence, my friends

Reasons to be proud: I washed some clothes yesterday…and…got a cute kitten…

Reasons to be unproud (this word exists. I tell you it does): have done nothing constructive today apart from vacuum-cleaning. Unless you consider moving three fanlistings as constructive. Even then, there are still 2 left to take care of before tomorrow. And even more as soon as possible. Which happens to actually be now…So why am I not taking care of them? What’s happening to me? Where is my motivation? I’m not even enough motivated to watch a bloody movie. Hey, kiddo, it’s a movie! It’s fun, entertaining. You don’t even need motivation to watch a movie. Happily, though, my boyfriend is coming. He roxors.

Edit, 5 minutes later: I must admit, though, that going to moderate Celestial and seeing that a spambot has entitled his post “i had a nightmare!! i was blonde!” is quite something to put me in a better mood.


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