Well Deserved Rest

I’m posting this from my boyfriend’s laptop, at his place. I don’t really like using the term “boyfriend”, but I just guess it’s what is most appropriate to define our relationship. We’ve been together for a week and two days, somehow.

Since I came back from the hospital, I have taken the decision to drop all of my classes except one, the one in which I am making a movie with a team of three other people. I didn’t want to drop this one for a couple of reasons. First, I like making movies. It’s entertaining and it keeps me busy. I mustn’t stay locked in my apartment all day long. Then, it would be awful to abandon my team. As I’m going to keep helping them anyway, I’m better making it count, by not dropping the class.

Dropping classes means I have a lot of free time during which I can rest, take care of my kitten, see aforementioned boyfriend, surf the web, take walks, eat delicious ice cream, etc. All of this is doing me good. I feel much less tired and am in quite a good mood.

I have indeed been neglecting my personal site and my fanlistings. I just need to take a little rest, I guess. Spending your entire free time, when you have so much as I do now, on the compuer, all alone, isn’t a nice way to overcome depression.


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