Almost Done!

My brand new and shiny personal website is almost done! Goodbye, plain layout—not that the other one is that elaborate. Hello, more meness!

Meness: state of that which is me. Some things that have a very high meness are tea, sushi and Tim Burton. Some things with a low level of meness are coffee, dirt and white socks.

That said, my cat is utterly crazy. She jumps up, trying to catch a hole in the wall. Yes, a whole. Up to now, she has failed.

Yesterday, a gorgeous…I mean sexy…err, good, friend of mine has come to visit. She actually let him strike her and she lied between the two of us. She won’t even let my brother-in-law, whom I live with, approach her. And when people come to visit, she hides from them, although she never really goes far from me. It must be a signal: he passed the quintessential cat test.


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