New Session

Last fall / autumn, in school, I was always hanging out with this very nice guy (whom I kissed twice). We also called each other and saw each other a few times out of school. At the end of the session / term, he was often pretty sick and pretty much only attended to his exams. During the holidays, I only called him once, leaving a Merry Christmas message on his answering machine. He never replied, but he had said he would probably be away from home a lot during the holidays. Anyway, I didn’t panic or anything. But since I came back from school, I left him at least one message on his answering machine, plus I have sent him an email before the holidays and he replied to neither. When I call at his home, nobody replies; same on his cell phone. None of my friends seems to have him in one of their classes. Now I’m getting pretty worried.

I attended my first class this year (year as in 2007) this morning. I’m stuck with three classes in the morning, at least one of which is deep theoretical stuff that bores me and makes me want to sleep. Or perhaps it’s just my less-than-three hours sleep. Or a mixture of both.


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