No need to worry

Don’t worry, girl. Your markup is so awful that nobody will actually steal it if they view the source.

Edit. I cannot help but obeying Jem’s pressure and actually post a link. I tried doing this yesterday but, of course, my cat rebooted my computer.

I’m a member of the Lissa Explains It All Forum, posting less and less because I’m tired of reading “omg but i dont care about accesability and web stendards”. The forum is flooded with questions such as “how do I block right click?” and “how do I hide my source code?” One of the creators of such a thread has attracted my attention and I ended up on VeryUglyGurl.

I tried a speed report and it couldn’t be done because the page exceeds the size allowed on the tool I used (100,000,000 bytes), no doctype, alternance between uppercase and lowercase markup, use of deprecated markup (center, font, etc.), a lot of inline styles, more Javascript than I could ever dream of, no alt text, three style tags located below a lot of content and containing HTML comments, three body tags, markup after the closing body and html tags, etc.


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