Forums Mystery

Something will always remain a mystery to me. On every single forum I have ever visited, apart from the boards, posts were shown along with a date. Very nifty, powerful, complicated thing. Sometimes it’s written not so clearly. In what order are the numbers? However, when the date is written with four digits, I think this part at least is quite obvious. 2004 is the year 2004 and thus, for us today, two days ago. So why the hell are there always ten people bouncing up these old-ass thread? For example:

Thread starter (posted on January 30th, 2004): I kinda like this guy and I don’t know whether I should tell him. Do you think I should?
A bunch of people (posted between January 30th, 2004 and March 12th, 2004): Tell him!
Thread-bumper: OMG! I can so relate to you! Did you tell him?
Thread starter (now a moderator of the board): Well, we are now married with one kid. *locks thread*

Why does this always happen? Are people unable to read dates?


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