List Update

This is to update my to-do list from a recent post:

  • Complete the redoing of this website
  • Find a host that doesn’t put advertisements
  • Finish the human beings fanlistings (I pretty much only lack images right now, my Photoshop is dead) my Photoshop has come back from the dead (it refused to tell me what it saw). You may now visit Diversity: the human beings fanlistingex
  • Finish the BellaBookfs fanlisting note to self: BellaBook and BellaBuffs, BellaBook and BellaBuffs, BellaBook and Bellabuffs. Visit Simple: the BellaBuffs fanlisting. I’m so proud of this unexpectable and amazingly original title.
  • Watch 457,289,057 movies for different classes: I have probably watched 5,257,285 already, but I still have a lot to go through.
  • Force that guy in class to visit around with me
  • Visit my parents
  • See Vincent
  • Do things children mustn’t see
  • Sing a lot
  • Complete a story, even if it is short
  • Do my montage work
  • Write my paper on Tim Burton
  • Do lots more homework
  • Copy my notes properly
  • Keep my room clean. I already cleaned a lot, but I still have some things to do.
  • Do more cleaning around the apartment
  • Get A+ in Big Brain Academy
  • Install a different spam fighter, one without a CAPTCHA
  • Do another ­IQ test test
  • Try at least one game on all of my brother-in-law’s game systems
  • Learn some more Russian
  • Choose the classes I will attend next semester
  • Find out why I can’t connect to the university website

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