To Do List

Everyone knew I would never be able to complete the list I had written a few days ago. But here is a list of things to complete before the Christmas holidays. In some cases, if I don’t complete them, I’m in big trouble.

  • Complete the redoing of this website
  • Find a host that doesn’t put advertisements
  • Finish the human beings fanlistings (I pretty much only lack images right now, my Photoshop is dead)
  • Finish the BellaBookfs fanlisting
  • Watch 457,289,057 movies for different classes
  • Force that guy in class to visit around with me
  • Visit my parents
  • See Vincent
  • Do things children mustn’t see
  • Sing a lot
  • Complete a story, even if it is short
  • Do my montage work
  • Write my paper on Tim Burton
  • Do lots more homework
  • Copy my notes properly
  • Keep my room clean
  • Do more cleaning around the apartment
  • Get A+ in Big Brain Academy
  • Install a different spam fighter, one without a CAPTCHA
  • Do another ­IQ test test
  • Try at least one game on all of my brother-in-law’s game systems
  • Learn some more Russian
  • Choose the classes I will attend next semester
  • Find out why I can’t connect to the university website

Marie is leaving for real next Monday. I won’t see her in the meantime.


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