When I moved, of course, I packed my most prized possessions, things without which I would certainly die in atrocious pain. I also brought something even more important than those, my computer. The ride between my parent’s home and my apartment is over six hours. Computer + transportation = danger.

I am absolutely sure I have not lost any data, but the power supply seems to have gone boom or something. I plugged the computer (wow, I’m smart). The screen and amplificator both work fine. But the computer itself refuses to start. It makes a strange whistlish noise, the fan at the back almost spins one turn, and then it stops.

So I’m stuck without a computer, unable to move my fanlistings properly, retrieve my university password, work on this site…What an awful situation.

Fortunately, though, I live with two other geeks like me. My sister has a Mac, her boyfriend has a PC (which I’m using right now). He also owns a Nintendo DS (which I spend several hours a day with), a GameCube, a SuperNintendo and a Nintendo 64. But I miss my computer.


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