Eww, Funpic puts ads now.

I’m leaving for the weekend, going to a wedding. I’m bringing my computer to Montreal – among other stuff, of course – so I will have to use my mom’s computer for two weeks.

In the meantime, I will certainly be sexually abusing your children with the strong hope to turn them into people of a truly detestable nature, as smartly proves this article.

I’m off to destroy something.

Edit. Mmm…Someone—or more probably something— had fun spamming my guestbook (of course I have to approved entries before they are published). Not with viagra and other fun things like this, but by entering 959 times the name Test, the email address test@test.com, the url http://www.test.com and, of course, the message Test. Instead of deleting them one by one, I downloaded the text file and mass deleted them before re-uploading it. 958 test messages…followed by the same name, email address and URL, along with the message “test” repeated a few times. Thanks for testing, but the guestbook worked fine.


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